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ZORRO Australia


Zorro Sprinkler Aluminium Mist Sprayer 12mm

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NEW Zorro Misting Aluminium Sprinkler is a simple and effective design which helps boost humidity in indoor and outdoor plants. Misting is an easy solution to prevent the risk of overwatering your plants and also provide humidity to foliage without directly spraying on the leaves.

If you notice signs that your plants want more humidity (drying leaf tips, curling leaves, crispy light-brown spots), it will definitely benefit from regular misting.

Zorro Misting Aluminium sprinkler has 3 brass misting nozzles and comes with 12mm brass snap tool adaptor which is suitable for standard size garden hoses.

Can also be joined in line with other Zorro Aluminium Mist Sprinklers


Overall Length with spike: 1.1mt

Length without spike: 90cm

Please note sprinkler does not come with any hose connectors