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Tubing & Piping

We offer a range of standard and custom sized nylon and polypropylene tubing and piping. Our flexible plastic tubing is both versatile and flexible and used for a variety of industry applications. 

All our Tubing & Piping is made in Australia

We stock the following:

Flexible Nylon

Premier high performance pneumatic tubing for working pressures of 2MPa (250 psi). Tough, resilient material which possesses good chemical resistance and offers wide operational temperature range.

Semi-Rigid Nylon

Harder and stiffer than flexible Nylon, the semi-rigid grade allows higher working pressures to 4Mpa (625 psi) which makes it ideal for high pressure pneumatic or low pressure hydraulic applications.

Low Density Polyethylene

For pneumatic applications and fluid conveyance of 0.8MPa (118 psi) at ambient temperatures.

DIN 74324 Air Brake

European specification truck air brake hose.