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TRADEFLAME Oxy Acetylene Reel Twin 5mm ID X 10mt

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Retractable Oxy-acetylene Twin Hose Reeler

Hose I.D. : Twin 5mm 

Hose O.D. : 10.5mm

Working Pressure: 1.2mPa (max)

Hose Length: 10mt

Leader Hose Inlet Length: 2mt

Hose Type: Reinforced Rubber Twin Gas Hose

Product Code: 228523

Supplied with a mounting bracket, and featuring a self retracting mechanism with click and stop for controlled wind/rewind. Conforms to AS1335 standard.  Designed to keep hoses safe and secure .Keep your oxy-acetylene-LPG hose tidy with this retractable hose reel fitted with 10m of twin 5mm oxy-acetylene-LPG hose. This is a convenient way of ensuring no tangles, mess and safety hazards when using your gas gutting or welding set.

Note: All OXY/ACET systems must be fitted with Flashback Arrestors at both the cylinder and blowpipe handle ends.

please note this is a display stock the box is slightly damaged, reel in brand new condition