ORBIT 18mm [3/4"] Tail to 12MM [1/2"] Female Snap on Reducing Connector with a Stop Valve

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The Orbit Hose Connector with Stop Valve allows fast and convenient connection and change of accessories at the hose outlet. On disconnecting, the water stops automatically and on connection of the dispensing device it flows again. This saves a trip to the tap when changing accessories such as a hand spray or sprinkler.

This fitting has been ergonomically designed for comfortable grip as well as quick and easy snap on/off connection.

  • A simple pull releases the connection
  • UV treated to withstand Australian conditions
  • Connects to 18mm [3/4"] hose
  • Use with standard 12mm hose and snap-on fittings
  • Comfortable grip for ease of use
  • Precision tooling ensures secure watertight connection with hose