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Nylon Flexible Metric Tubing 8mm O.D.

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Outer Diameter: 8mm

Working Pressure:2.0mpa @ 23°C
Burst Pressure: 1000 P.S.I.
Nylon Metric Flexible Pneumatic tubing is made from high quality nylon. This type is developed specifically for Pneumatic applications, thus can be used in a range of instrumentation. It has an excellent dimensional stability, is light in weight and saves a considerable weight over rubber hoses and steel lines. Nylon tubing is used as a standard by many large equipment manufacturers and industrial users in a wide range of applications. All tubing comes under this category is manufactured out of heat & light stabilized materials, thereby offering a good resistance to ageing against heat and light. It also resists most oils, greases, brake fluids, petroleum products and some chemicals.
Nylon tubing is flexible, the tubing can be routed inside frame rails, around corners in continuous length, thus reducing the number of couplings and easy to install.​
Made in Australia