LOWE No1 HD Anvil Secateur Made in Germany

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LÖWENo1 HD Anvil Secateur Made in Germany

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The world's first anvil pruning shears – launched in 1923

The most popular anvil secateurs, flexible for use in many different applications.Arguably the Finest Secateurs in the World. German Engineering, Classic Ergonomic Designs. Full Spare Parts Availability. Strong Steel Handles with PVC Grips. Tool Steel Blade, Precision Ground against Soft Aluminium Anvil. Ideal Orchardists Tool, Cuts Hardwood up to 25mm Diam.

It was the LÖWE 1 which made the Original LÖWE brand and the anvil principle – a drawing cut against a fixed base plate - world famous. Its capabilities, which make it useful in practically any situation and extremely robust, make it a standard issue for viticulture, fruit growing, and horticulture the world over.

• Better transmission of force

• These pruners are also ideally suited to robust use on harder woods

• No cutting impact and less force exercised during cutting => Protection of the hand and joints

• Low-cost maintenance