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LANCER Potable Water Transfer Layflat Hose 76mm Odd Lengths Clearance

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Lancer® is the potable water transfer hose made exclusively by Crusader Hose. It is designed and engineered primarily for the mining and chemical industries as well as for municipal use. Lancer® is made with a high-tenacity

polyester filament yarn jacket and by thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) thru-the-weave extrusion in a variety of colours. The blue PU-lined hose is also available in an uncoated version.

Lancer® is suitable for temporary by-pass, chemical and air transfers, vertical- & high-pressure applications and for potable water supply. Unaffected by ozone and UV degradation, this hose is tough and durable and is resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. The lightweight and low volume coil makes Lancer® easy-to-handle and store.

Lancer® is Australian made and manufactured in our ISO 9001 qualityaccredited factory. It is suitable for food contact usage and carries the approval of Australian Standard AS4020 as well as conforms to German BGA DIN39. Lancer® is back by a 12-month warranty against manufacturing faults.

  • Reliability
  • Suitable for potable water transfer
  • Size: 76mm
  • Extruded
  • Working Pressure up to 2100 kPa
  • Light and quick to deploy
  • Low maintenance
  • Australian Standard AS4020
  • Assembly and fittings available
  • 12-months warranty
LANCER (Extruded)
This potable water transfer layflat hose for high pressureapplications. Woven reinforcement extruded with PVCnitrile cover and Polyurethane inner lining.
Available up to 100m length.
LANCER (Uncoated)
Woven reinforcement uncovered/uncoated layflat hose with Polyurethane inner lining.
Available up to 100m length.
Inside Working Burst Weight Exterior
Diameter Pressure Pressure per metre Cover
(mm) kPa kPa (Kg)
19mm 2100 5250 0.13 Extruded
25mm 2100 5250 0.23 Extruded
38mm 2100 5250 0.30 Extruded
51mm 2100 5250 0.43 Extruded
65mm 2100 5250 0.56 Extruded
79mm 1400 3500 0.80 Extruded
90mm 1400 3500 0.83 Extruded
102mm 1000 2500 0.90 Extruded
19mm 2100 5250 0.11 Uncoated
25mm 2100 5250 0.15 Uncoated
38mm 2100 5250 0.22 Uncoated
51mm 2100 5250 0.27 Uncoated
65mm 2100 5250 0.38 Uncoated
79mm 1400 3500 0.46 Uncoated
90mm 1400 3500 0.50 Uncoated
102mm 1000 2500 0.54 Uncoated