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HOLMAN I Weather Wireless Weather Station Clearance Stock

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The new iWeather Wireless Weather Station is just part of the Holman range of products to measure environmental data. 

This unit takes many inside & outside measures which are all displayed on a large easy to read LCD screen.The WS1250 has 10 fully integrated weather functions. The functions in this unit are: Wireless connectivity, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, indoor humidity, Air pressure measurements, Temperature recording (min/max), Selectable °C or °F, Time & Date, Weather for casting, Storm indicating. Wireless Thermo Sensor.

The outdoor sensor is equipped with an LCD display which shows the current outdoor temperature. Great for checking temperature whilst outside, avoiding going back indoors to the base unit. The sensor transmits on a 433MHz frequency and has a 100M range from the base unit.

LCD Display:
The large LCD screen displays concise weather data.
The display also shows a clock & date all the time.
You can also swap between Celsius or Fahrenheiht to suit your preference.

Temperature: This unit measures & displays both the current inside & outside temperatures. It also has a facility to record the maximum & minimum temperatures.

Humidity: The base unit measures & displays the indoor humidity where the base unit is located.

Air Pressure: This modern unit measures & displays two air pressure measurements. It displays the current pressure in hPa, & has a 10 column bar graph showing a 36hr pressure history.