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HR Soaker Hose with 12mm - 1/2" Fittings Made in Australia

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HR Soaker Hose is designed to provide a reliable and even watering pattern suited to watering lawns and gardens. It works by having fine holes on one side of the hose, which face upwards and spray out fine multi directional streams, providing an even "strip" style watering pattern. Using an average tap at about 200kPa, this soaker hose covers about 3 to 4 metres across and can quickly and easily re-located to water different areas.

Soaker hoses are perfect to snake through garden beds and water curved shaped gardens. They provides deep soaking of your lawns and gardens.

Suits 12mm Standard garden hose fittings, includes end cap and 12mm adaptor ( can be joined in a line if you need to extend the hose to your required length, if you purchased 2 or more you can join it together.

• Perfect for watering garden beds, lawns and nature strips

• Can be used as either a sprinkler, which provides rain-like coverage, or a soaker for deeper watering

• Includes a snap-on connector and adaptor to connect easily to any standard tap or hose

• Hard wearing UV treated construction

Please note these soaker hoses can be joined together in line.