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Zorro Australia

Heavy Duty Steel 1” - 25MM Fire Nozzle Brass Nut Tail Tap Fitting SSteel Clamps

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Heavy Duty Steel Fire Nozzle and Nut and Tail

1 X Steel Adjustable Fire Nozzle available in 18mm Barb and 25mm
1 X Brass Nut and Tail available with 18mm and 25mm Barb with 25MM Nut 
2 X adjustable stainless steel clamps 

Please note if you have a 3/4 “ Fire hose please select 18mm Fire Nozzle and Nut and Tail which will be compatible with your hose and if you have 1” Fire hose, please select the 25mm option.
We will provide correct size clamps to suit your hose. 

These fittings are high quality Fire hose fittings ideal for high pressure applications.