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FIRE HYDRANT STANDPIPE Aluminium with 65mm Male BSP Outlet

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FIRE HYDRANT STANDPIPE Aluminium (unmetered) WITH 2.5" (65MM) BSP OUTLET
An aluminium fire hydrant standpipe with a 2.5 inch BSP outlet.

Note: Standpipe suits all hydrant points except S.A. and W.A.
The benefits:

- Durable and light weight aluminium construction
- Fully repairable
- 2.5 inch BSP outlet alows you to connect an adaptor to suit any fire thread

The features:

- Aluminium body, stainless steel spindle, brass screw
- 2.5 inch (65mm) male bsp outlet
- Maximum flow of approximately 60000 litres per hour
- Choose optional CFA, MFB, Storz or male camlock adaptor