DIXON Cam & Groove Gasket

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Buna-N: Black + 1 Blue Stripe

FKM-A: Black + 1 White Stripe

Extra Thick Buna-N: Black + 2 Blue Stripe

Ethylene Propylene: Black + 1 White Stripe

Since other manufacturers coding systems vary, this chart should not be used as a reference in identifying gaskets of unknown origin.

  • PTFE white Buna filler (TFWB) and PTFE encapsulated silicone (TES) contain all FDA approved materials.

  • PTFE accordion gaskets (TFACC) are recommended for use with viscous (thick) fluids only, maximum operating temperature 200°C.

  • Encapsulated gasket pressure ratings are reduced to 125PSI for ½" to 2½" at ambient temperature (21°C) when these gaskets are used.

  • PTFE encapsulated FKM (TEV) gaskets - maximum operating temperature 93°C.

  • PTFE encapsulated silicone gaskets (TES) gaskets - maximum operating temperature 107°C.

  • Maximum operating temperatures for specific chemicals may be lower. Contact Dixon™ for specific recommendations.

  • PTFE encapsulated FKM (TFVI) envelope gaskets - maximum operating temperature 180°C.

  • PTFE white Buna filler (TFWB) envelope gaskets - maximum operating temperature 80°C.

  • PTFE ethylene propylene filler (TFEP) envelope gaskets - maximum operating temperature 170°C.