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BAUER B-Type Coupling Female with O-Ring to Flange

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BAUER Compatible B-Type Coupling Female with O-Ring to Flange

Material: Galvanised Steel


Mining and tunneling, civil engineering projects, road construction, delivery of fresh water, waste water, and compressed air.

Suction and delivery lines for site dewatering, on shore/offshore drilling, ship to ship/shore transfer.

In civil/military emergency, drinking water supply, disaster and fire control, temporary and emergency water supply lines, sewage, sludge, and waste disposal, by pass lines.

Exhaust gas emission, oil industry applications. Pneumatic conveyance systems for powder and granular materials.

Vacuum loading and extraction systems.

Coupling size mm Flange size inch Flange Drilling Pattern
108 4 TABLE-D
159 6 TABLE-D
194 8 TABLE-D
251 10 TABLE-D
294 12 TABLE-D