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AQUALINE Potable Water Bypass Layflat Hose

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Aqualine has been designed by our team to providesuperior long distance water transportation.It is robust, safe and effective.

Ideal for:


  • Civil works
  • Mining projects
  • Potable bypass by utilities while refurbishingdamaged water pipes


Main Uses:
  • Potable water delivery
  • Long distance water transportation
  • Mine dewatering
  • High pressure pumping over rugged terrain
  • Temporary water bypass hose
Typical Application:

Aqualine is rolled out as a temporary water supply systemwhile the Utility carries out pipeline refurbishment works.The hose is usually cut into 9m lengths and a T piececoupling is attached at each end. From these outlets,customers can be connected to the main line, while piperenewal or refurbishment takes place.

A major customer for this system has been Yarra ValleyWater. They have ensured that their clients are neverdisconnected from their water supply for longer than4 hours, and then have plenty of time to carry outrefurbishment works. The system can be in place for weeksand includes driveway plus road crossings.

AQUALINE Features:

  • Potable water approved to AS4020
  • 500m can be easily rolled up onto a drum
  • Easy and compact for transport to new locations
  • Secure couplings stay on under high pressure
  • Can be made in any length
  • Large range of diameters available
  • Follows land contours
The woven polyester fabric jacket gives the hose its high bursting and tensile load features. The polyurethane covernot only protects the hose against abrasion damage but also against harmful UV radiation and ozone. This uniquedesign renders the hose lightweight yet extremely strong and durable.

Inside Inside Working Burst Burst
Diameter Diameter Pressure Pressure Pressure

(mm) (inch) (bar) (bar) (psi)
38 1.5” 19 38 560
50 2" 22 45 660
64 2.5" 20 41 600
76 3" 17 35 510
102 4" 16 33 480

126 5" 11 26 377

152 6" 11 27 400
204 8" 10 25 365

PRICES ARE PER METRE PRICING. Hose will be cut continously for example if you require 10 metres add quantity of 10 to shopping cart and we will send you 10 metres of Hose.