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AK REELS Bracket - Wall/Floor & Pin

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  • The Floor and Wall bracket offers a safer way of mounting the RC range of reels out of the way of floor traffic. A more convienient way to avoid the hose tripping hazard.

    Reels are able to be deployed directly overhead where they are required with minimum impact on floor level activities. By adjusting the stopper location on the hose line the tool end can be retracted to an easy height for workers to reach when required.

    100mm x 200mm mounting plate


    • Mounting RC2000 air hose reels overhead for ease of use and space saving.
    • Overhead mounting of RC1200 Hotwash reels and the RC1100 coldwash reels.
    • Floor mounting of RC1200 and RC1100 reels where insufficient or limited wall space is and issue.
    • Mounting of RC1300 Chemical, RC6000 Oxy twin hose reels and RC2000 air reels on vehicles