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Air Relief Valve for Dripline Grey 1/2"

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Air relief valves freely allow air into a zone after shut down. It also ensures a vacuum within non Anti Siphon dripperline system doesn’t suck debris or dirt back in to the dripperline. It also provides a means of releasing air from the dripperline when the zone is turned on, eliminating air pockets and speeding up the dripperline operation.

  • Install Air Relief Valve at the highest point in the drip system.
  • Install one Air Relief Valve for every 40L/M of zone flow.
  • Ensure that all of the rows of Dripperline can take advantage of the Air/Vacuum Relief Valve; install it/them along a lateral that runs perpendicular to the dripperline laterals. This may be a collecting manifold, or a special lateral connecting all rows of dripperline, such as going over a mound.