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AIFA 20 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler 12mm

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The Oscillating Sprinkler is ideal for watering large areas, the spray pattern is rectangular in shape, and it can be adjusted to accommodate various sized lawns. It has a maximum coverage of 300m2. The sprinkler is equipped with two adjustment levers (left and right), which can be adjusted independently between the maximum 90 degree angle to suit the lawn area. This allows you to water up to an edge. The center spray pattern feature is great for median strips or narrow lawns, with the flexibility of this oscillating sprinkler, watering has never been so easy!
  • AIFA 20 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler Garden Water 12MM - 1/2"
  • Patented turbine drive
  • Strong gear train reliability
  • Double O ring connection
  • 20 Hole
  • 12mm tool adaptor suitable for standard size hose connectors