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ZORRO Brass Nut & Tail with Rubber Washer

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Nut & tails are used to connect hose to a male BSP fitting. Has a swivel fitting for easy connection. Requires a hose clamp. Common uses are for connecting hose to pumps and garden taps etc.
This Brass Nut and Tail is constructed with 100% brass and made in Australia unlike other brass fittings you purchase that is made off shore.
Beware when comparing prices on brass hose fittings as some are made from cast brass which have thin walls that are prone to cracking and also rusting.
  • Heavy duty brass construction
  • Rust and weather proof
  • Made in Australia

Please note: The options for size is for the tail, size for the nut is as follows:

25mm Nut x 12mm Tail

25mm Nut x 20mm Tail

25mm Nut x 25mm Tail

32mm Nut x 32mm Tail

40mm Nut x 40mm Tail

50mm Nut x 50mm Tail

65mm 65mm

75mm 75mm

100mm 100mm