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RX Yellowtail Nitrile/PVC Suction Delivery Hose 102mm

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A heavy duty suction and discharge hose well suited for use in extreme environments, its high nitrile / PVC compound makes this hose especially suited for use with abrasive slurries, waste trucks, many chemicals and high volume air seeder applications.


Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C

Black High nitrile content PVC hose with a highly visible yellow raised rigid PVC helix.

A very very flexible hose.

Smooth bore to reduce friction and abrasion.

Sturdy close pitch helix with right hand spiral provides good external protectio

Quality PVC/Nitrile blend gives this hose excellent flexibility & UV stability

Polymeric plasticizer resists solvent extraction



Nominal Vacuum Working Min Bend
in mm’s Rating Pres. @ 20oC Radius in
I.D. O.D. *MM HG Mpa P.S.I mm
50 63.4 800 0.5 73 350
63 79.6 800 0.4 58 380
76 93.4 800 0.4 58 400
102 118 800 0.3 43 600