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ZORRO Hose Trolley Dairy Washdown Hose Twist Fire Nozzle Perm Brass Set 25mm

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Brand: Hose Factory Wash Down Hose 

Inner Diameter:25mm / 1"

Available Lengths:20, 30, 50 metres

Kink resistance rating: 9.5

Purpose:Premium wash-down hose designed specifically for cold Dairy wash-down applications. Its distinctive white cover with blue stripe is smooth for ease of handling and its virgin PVC construction ensures unmatched performance, flexibility and service life. Features excellent cold weather flexibility.Designed Specifically for use in Industry, Dairy, Golf Course, Nurseries where a Premium hard wearing yet flexible hose is required. Very User Friendly.

All Australian Made
• For use in dairy environments
• Low temperature flexibility
• Smooth cover for ease of handling
• Metre marked >< for convenience
• Distinctive blue line for visibility

ZORROcart will keep your hose free from kinks and twists as it takes the strain out of watering even a large garden simply turn the handle to wind and unwind up to 100 metres of hose

It is easily assembled, it is sturdily made from powder-coated solid steel. It has wide, rubber tyres to move easily over rough ground. Available only in matte black sophisticated finish with lime green rims, 1.8M black 18mm extension hose with brass fittings, sure to compliment any garden.

Here's the easy way for no kinks in your hose - nothing to drag or carry

  • PB-Free and UV protection powder coating surface
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Brass 18MM Connection throughout the reel for high water flow
  • Only Available in Matte Black with Green Rims
  • All thread on reel is BSP (British Standard Pipe) and meets Australian standards
  • Easy assembly &disassembly

Carries up to:

  • 150 metres of 12mm hose
  • 100 metres of 18-20mm hose
  • 60 metres of 25mm hose

You will receive:

  • 1.8M of 18MM extension hose to connect to the Tap
  • 2 X Stainless Steel (25mm- 32mm) Hose clamps
  • 1"brass connection to the reel provided
  • 1 X Adjustable Fire Nozzle with 1" Brass director
  • Wash Down Hose and Zorro Trolley
  • Tap adaptor on extension hose connects to 3/4" Taps (1" brass bush provided for bigger 25MM tap outlets)
  • Please note image of the hose and fittings is of 20mm i.d. hose this listings is for 25mm i.d. hose the brass fittings will differ to fit the hose and the reel. Buy in bundle and save on fittings and Fire Nozzle.


Body:L950 x W630 x H1100

Wheel: 10" x 3.50-4