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Wash Down 18M Hose 20mm - 3/4" I.D.

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Inner Diameter: 20 mm

Working Pressure:200 PSI (1.4MPa)

Temperature Range: -15°C to 50°C

Purpose:Wash down is a specially designed hose for wash down of floors. It is also ideal for use as a commercial watering hose, with its tough white ribbed cover for high abrasion resistance and excellent visibility,ideal for use in parks, golf courses, bowling greens, sports grounds, mobile sprinklers and all general wash down applications.
  • All Australian made
  • Tough, high abrasion resistant cover
  • Bright white cover for high visibility
  • Good flexibility for ease of handling
  • UVStabilized for outdoor use
  • Self extinguishing / fire resistant
  • Temperature range: -15ºc to +50ºc
  • Minimum safety factor of 4:1 allowing for pressure surges