Sunny Hose


SUNNY Red Layflat Hose Kit with Camlocks Type C & E 40mm

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Inner I.D:40mm

Nominal Wall Thickness:1.90

Working Pressure @ 20C:1Mpa / 152PSI

Working Temperature: -20 to 54 °C

This is a tough, abrasion-resistant hose, with working pressure in the range of 5-10.5kg/cm2. The Heavy duty Sunnyhose is well suited for water drainage at open pit mining and at civil engineering/dam construction sites in mountains or other areas where water must be moved to significantly higher or lower elevations. This hose has excellent abrasion resistance.Fitted in-house with Camlock fittings male and Female.


A tough medium duty hose made from PVC compound, reinforced with high strength yarns and is a one piece construction.