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SUNNY Blue Layflat Hose 250mm

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Sunny hose has the largest market share worldwide because users appreciate its high quality and economy. It is made of synthetic fibers and soft PVC in a continuous/one process production developed by Takata Corporation. It is a general purpose hose, consistently high in quality.The hose has an exceptionally high hoop strength, at the same time allowing minimum longitudinal movement. It is a lightweight, water- proof flexible hose. It is resistant to weather, abrasion, process fluids and is rugged enough to take repeated daily rough handling. It does not corrode and is available in long lengths. It assumes a conventional round appearance under pressure and returns to its flat shape after use, for easy handling and storage. It does not need drying and can be rolled immediately after use.

It is designed for temporary water supply or drainage, for drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation at farms.

The large diameter Sunnyhose, 250 ~ 400mm, is ideal for use as drainage hose in emergency/flood/disaster situations when large quantities of water must be moved quickly.

SUNNY Blue Lay Flat Hose is made in Malaysia.


Please Note:If you are purchasing a 30 - 100 metre roll and are based in Country/Rural area please contact us for shipping price based on pallet rate as it may be cheaper.

Nominal in mm’s Working
Pres. @ 20oC
I.D O.D Mpa P.S.I Grams/m
40 1.25 0.50 73 205
50 1.30 0.45 65 270
65 1.50 0.40 58 380
75 1.70 0.35 58 530
100 1.75 0.30 58 705
125 1.85 0.30 44 935
150 1.95 0.30 44 1,175
200 2.20 0.30 44 1,785
250 2.65 0.25 36 2,650
300 2.55 0.20 30 2,910
350 2.70 0.20 30 3,650
400 2.70 0.20 30 4,287