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ZORRO Siphon Jiggler 25mm - 1" Fuel Transfer Multi Purpose Hose

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Multipurpose PVC hose with 25mm copper attachment with glass ball.

Inner Diameter:25mm / 1 inch

Pressure: 232 P.S.I (1.6 Mpa)

Minimum Burst Pressure:928 P.S.I (4 Mpa)

Purpose:Siphon type drainer with jiggle action. Simply insert the tube with metal end into a container move the tube in and up and down vertical motion to start flow.

The multipurpose Hose is suitable for broad range of industrial uses including air, petrol, kerosene, oil, drinking water and other applications where a clear tube is required.

Multipurpose hose is supplied in clear translucent material with a red spiralled tracer to indicate its suitability.

  • Kink-Resistant.
  • Clear translucent material with a red spiralled tracer.
  • Petrol resistant tube.
  • Fully reinforced for reliable pressure performance
  • 4:1 safety factor allowing for pressure surges and variations in operating temperature -
  • essential for long term performance
  • Operating temperature 0c - 60c
  • Meets Australian Standards AS 2554 Class B
  • The multipurpose Hose is Made in Australia
Please note that the images are of an 20mmMultipurposeSiphon Jiggler hose