NETA Brass Spike Angle Sprinkler 12mm

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Great for using in irrigation lawn, or in courtyard or garden. Sprinkle mist particles evenly and accurately over your lawn, garden etc.

Spray range 6m to 10m and connects to 12mm / 1/2 inch standard garden hose.

  • How far will the sprinkler spray?
  • Depends on your water pressure, which is what forces the water thru the small opening on the sprinkler. This is called the Venturi Effect.
  • Are there adjustments I can make with the sprinkler?
  • Yes, you can push the ‘spike’ on the sprinkler down further for a ‘lower’ spray.
  • What about the direction of the spray?
  • You can simply move the sprinkler’s direction by moving the spike, while in the ground and using the garden hose as a handle and moving a little at a time until you have the spray exactly where you want it.
  • What’s the easiest way to control the spray?
  • You can control the length and width of spray by turning down your water to reach just the areas you wish to cover; exp., water 1 rose bush, or 1 lilac bush or other small areas.