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Knitted Garden Hose with set of Plastic Fittings 12mm

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12mm / ½ inch

Available Length: 20 metres

Kink resistance rating: 9

Purpose:Home and Garden

Blue 4-layer knitted hose utilizes advanced knitted technology to make it highly kink, twist and fold resistant. Manufactured from premium Australian compounds & materials, it is specially designed to cope with the harsh Australian environment. The hose has very flexible materials so it can be used in extreme cold and warm weather. It is lightweight and east to roll up on a reel. It is aqua blue in color to ensure it complements all types of gardens.

  • U.V Protected
  • Fully Re-inforced with 4 -layer knitted AKS technology (Anti Kink System)
  • Excellent Kink Resistance

Comes with Plastic connectors, which includes 2 x Female snap on Connectors, 1 x Tap Adaptor and Adjustable spray to Jet Nozzle (tap is suitable for both 18mm / 3/4 and 25mm / 1 inch tap size).