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K Rain RPS Rotor 6" Riser Pop up Sprinkler 3/4"

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The K Rain RPS® 75 gear drive rotor is designed for residential and light commercial applications. The reliable, durable design is the foundation of RPS Rotor line. This workhorse is built to perform trouble-free for years and has unequalled value in the market. Our patented reversing mechanism, on which all rotors are based upon today, assures continuous reverse and return. With a wide selection of standard and low angle nozzles, the RPS 75™ provides even water distribution.

  • A direct replacement for the Hunter PGP® rotor, with our time-proven, patented reversing mechanism (the same used in the Hunter PGP®), the RPS75® drops directly in an installed Hunter PGP® can.

    This model is a 6 Inch Pop-Up.


  • Right Position Start – Rotor rotates counterclockwisefrom fixed right start position.
  • Riser Fits in Existing Hunter® PGP® cans –Simply unscrew the existing riser from the PGP®can and replace with the RPS™ 75 riser.
  • Top Adjustment – Adjusts from right start.
  • Full and Part Circle Rotation – Provides a fullrange of adjustment from 40° to 360°.
  • Non-flushing Wiper Seal – Reduces leaks causedby debris trapped under seal.
  • 3/4" (1,9 cm) Inlet – Replaces all standard rotors.
  • Ideal for Low Flow Applications.n Rubber Cover – Seals out dirt and increases durability.
  • Wide Selection of Nozzles – Including standard and low angle, provides flexibility in system design.