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Hose Factory Gardeners Gift Set No:8 with Gift Box & Card GREAT VALUE

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Everything you need already gift wrapped into a great garden gift hamper. A great gift for that special person who has a love of gardening!

Gift Pack No:8 include:

  • 1 x Zorro heavy duty Impulse rotating brass sprinkler on heavy red metal base. It coversSpray range diameter 10 to 20m and connects to 12mm / 1/2 inch standardgarden hose.Could achieve water spray from semicircle coverage to full circle coverage with angle from 30 degree range to 360 degree range. can also joined in line with other red bases. Simply adjust the pressure from your garden tap. ground. Excellent quality and a beautiful creation for any garden.

  • The GARDENA Garden Secateurs Bypass Aluminium is perfect for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood (up to 25mm). Both blade and counter blade are ground and penetrate into the branch simultaneously.Branches and twigs are cut very close to the trunk, which prevents cones that hinder the flow of sap.

  • 3 piece 12mm Holman Grip n Lock brass hose connector set suitable for standard size garden hose which include 2 x hose connectors and universal size tap adapter suitable for 3/4" and 1" tap sizes.

  • Holman Metal 8 function watering gun suitable for 12mm hose connectors

  • Holman ICount digital meter hottest new product for gardeners it measures the accumulated water usage within a period to your lawn and garden. This new product saves your garden, saves your money and and helps save the planet. It comes for free in this gift pack valued at $49

  • Card & gift wrapping included based on chosen theme