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Hose Factory Gardeners Gift Set No:5 with Gift Box & Card GREAT VALUE

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Everything you need already gift wrapped into a great garden gift hamper. A great gift for that special person who has a love of gardening!
Gift Pack No 5 include:
  • The Homestyle Outlet Mechanical Tap Timer (made by Holman) fits to a standard garden tap and times the water flow to any garden hose or watering system connected. This timer allows you to have one individually timed outlet, as well as having unattended watering for a time less than 2 hours. Simply connect your hose or poly pipe irrigation system to the outlet.
  • Fiskars PX94 PowerGear X Bypass Pruner/Secateur Large, 26mm, PowerGear technology with Rotating handle and FiberComp construction.
  • Holman ICount digital meter hottest new product for gardeners it measures the accumulated water usage within a period to your lawn and garden. This new product saves your garden, saves your money and and helps save the planet. It comes for free in this gift pack valued at $49
  • 1 X ZORRO High Pressure Soft Grip Thumb Control 8 Pattern Water Pistol 12mm / 1/2"
  • Card & gift wrapping included based on chosen theme