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Hose Factory Gardeners Gift Set No:1 with Gift Box & Card

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Everything you need already gift wrapped into a great garden gift hamper. A great gift for that special person who has a love of gardening!

Gift Pack No:1 include:

  • 3 piece 12mm Nylex hose connector set, 2 x 12mm hose connectors and 1 x universal size tap adapter suitable 3/4" and 1" tap sizes

  • 1 x Dome/fountain metal 12mm sprinkler,Ideal for watering small courtyards or lawns.Sprinkle mist particles evenly and accurately over your lawn and garden with 6 - 10m diameter reach

  • 1 X Gardena Trigger Gunsmall and compact Adjustable Spray Gun Nozzle lies lightly in the hand and does not slip. It cleans with hard jet and waters with fine mist. Both water jet patterns are easy to set. If longer watering is required, the pulse trigger can be locked. Tiring of the hand is thereby prevented. Gardena Frost Proof Rear Trigger Pistol Nozzle features innovative Frost Proof Technology. Frost Proof series has technology baked into the inner heavy duty plastic core that allows for better absorption of water through the freeze/thaw cycle, mitigating cracking due to expansion of water when freezing

  • Card & gift wrapping included based on chosen theme