GARDENA Premium Bypass Pruner Secateurs 24mm Made in Germany

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  • The durable aluminium handles with soft-grip anti-slip components of these garden secateurs are lightweight, reducing fatigue and muscle strain
  • Both the rust-proof stainless steel upper blade and the forged bottom blade are replaceable and can be sharpened. They are four times ground precision blades for clean smooth cuts
  • Two handle positions offer greater leverage and precise cutting for diameters of up to 24mm
  • Adjustable blade tension, single-hand safety lock, sap groove and wire cutter are all great features
  • It is made in Germany and comes with a 25-year warranty

GARDENA Premium Secateurs Bypass are the perfect pruning tools for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood (up to 24mm). Both blade and counter blade are ground and penetrate into the branch simultaneously offering a more precise pruning experience. The extra narrow, angled cutting head, supports a natural hand position, precise cutting, and optimizes applied power to the cut.



Model Name GARDENA Premium Bypass Secateurs
Model Number 8702-20
Material Aluminium
Colour Other
Weight 0.27kg
Blade Material Forged lower blade, stainless steel upper blade
Blade Cutting Type Bypass
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Maximum cutting thickness (mm.) 24
Gear Driven No
Rotating Head No
Snap Lock No
Serrated Edge (yes/No) No
Shock-Absorbing Bumper No
Telescoping Handles No