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Zorro Metal Step Sprinkler Spike with brass sprinkler adaptor

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The new range of Zorro metal sprinkler Step spikes are an excellent choice when looking for a strong, reliable metal irrigation system. This spike is best suited for use in garden beds or landscaped areas pushed directly into the soil made out of solid metal sturdy construction, ideal  sprinkler spike that will not budge.

The spikes are supplied "without" spray heads so you are able to attach the style that best suits your watering requirements. The height allows the spray to reach "over" the plants to fully water the surrounding area or garden bed.

  • Best Suited for use in garden beds or landscaped areas
  • Also comes with filter
  • Can be joined inline with other spikes
  • Comes brass sprinkler adaptor 
  • 1/2” Bsb female inlet ( where you attach sprinkler head)
  • 3/4" Bsp female inlet (where you attach brass tool adaptor to connect to your hose)