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ZORRO Brass 3 Piece Hose Fittings 3/4"

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ZORRO Brass Hose Connector can be used on many types of garden hoses. The separate locking claw is clamped down by the brass nut to provide a secure connection to the hose. The quick connect end "clicks" onto any 18mm internal diameter Hose

The tough connector design is machined from solid brass and is virtually unbreakable. It's ideal for the home gardener, handyman, to commercial or landscape applications. 

  • 2 X Female Snap on Connectors 18mm / 3/4"

  • 1 X Tap adapter suitable for both 3/4 and 1 inch tap size

  • Heavy Duty Brass Construction

  • Rust and Weather Proof

  • Fits onto 18mm I.D. (3/4") hose

  • Tough Connector Design is machined from Solid Brass