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Rubber Washers Black 25mm & 20mm (10 Pack)

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Quality Rubber Washers Rubber Washes can be utilised in a multitude of different situations, from sealing pond walls to replacing washers in existing fittings, or ensuring a system is sealed and in working condition. They can also assist in preventing leaks between hose, sprinklers, and hose-end products. The Rubber Washer has a number of features and benefits, including:
  • Helps to Prevent Leaks Between your Hose, Sprinklers, & Hose-End Products
  • Soft & Resilient for a Water-Tight Seal
  • Resists Hardening & Cracking for Durability & Longevity
Please note washers are measured from the middle of the seal end to end.  If you have a 25mm tap, you would need 25mm washer