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K-Rain (20 Pack) Pop-Up ProShrub Sprinkler

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K-Rain 11003 5 in. Pop-Up ProPlus Adjustable Rotor

  • K-Rain Rotor (11003)
  • Series: ProPlus
  • Pop-Up Height: 5 inches

Features & Benefits

The PRO PLUS adjustable arc and full-circle gear-driven rotor comes standard with nine numerically coded interchangeable nozzles. The flagship model in the PRO Series line, the PRO PLUS is packed with features that ensure reliability, saving the installer time, money and needless frustration. Excellent nozzle performance delivers an exceptional fall out pattern. In independent testing by C.I.T., the PRO PLUS delivered up to 90% uniform coverage. Tough, proven and advanced, the PRO PLUS is the leader in its class.

  • Revolutionary Patented Easy Arc Set. Simplified arc set allows for wet or dry adjustment in seconds
  • 5" Riser: Perfect for grasses with thick thatch
  • 3/4" Inlet: Replaces all standard rotors
  • 2N1 Adjustable or Continuous Rotation- Provides a full range of adjustment from 40 to a continuous full circle.
  • Patented Arc Set Degree Markings: Clearly indicates the current watering pattern and simplifies arc set adjustment
  • Arc Memory Clutch: Prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting automatically if nozzle turret is forced past its stop.
  • Time Proven Patented Reversing Mechanism - Assures continuous reverse and return...over a 20 year history.
  • Ratcheting Riser: Allows for easy adjustment of your left starting position with a simple turn of the riser.
  • Rubber Cover: Seals out dirt and increases product durability
  • Wide Selection of Nozzles - Including standard and low angle, provides flexibility in system design.
  • Optional Check Valve - Prevents low head drainage.

Product Details

  • Inlet: 3/4" Threaded 
  • Arc Adjustment Range: 40 degree to Continuous 360 degree
  • Flow Range: .5 - 10.0 GPM
  • Pressure Rating: 20 - 70 PSI
  • Precipitation Rate: .06 to .50 Inches Per Hour (Depending on Spacing and Nozzle Used)
  • Overall Height (Popped Down): 7 1/2" / 17" for High Pop
  • Recommended Spacing: 28' to 44'
  • Radius: 22' to 50'
  • Nozzle Trajectory: 26 degree
  • Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory: 12
  • Standard and Low Angle Nozzle: Included
  • Riser Height: 5"