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AK REELS Breathing 8mm I.D. 20 metre Auto Retractable Hose Reel

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Hose Internal Diameter: 8mm hose
Hose Length: 20m
Fittings: no fittings
Connector Hose:

1.0M connector hose

Mainly used as safe breathing air supply in spray paint boothes and sandblasting operations. A retractable air supply system that can be wall or overhead mounted as required. works in verticle or horizontal positions.

A bright yellow hose with an inner of food grade P.V.C. The divers air breathing hose has excellent kink resistance

Originally used in the diving industry but is now used extensively for all breathing apparatus

For use in the applications of AS 2299 and AS/NZS 1716

  • Bright Yellow Outer
  • Excellent kink resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • For use in the applications of Australian standards AS 2299 & AS/NZS 1716
  • Available in 8mm & 10mm

Inner Diameter 8mm or 10mm
Outer Diameter 14.4mm or 17.6mm
Working Pressure @23°C 348psi
Min Burst Pressure @23°C 9.6Mpa