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HOSE FACTORY Fire Reel Hose 25mm with High Pressure Fire Fittings

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Available Length: 20M, 36M and 50M lengths available

Inner Diameter: 25mm

Black PVC pressure hose suitable for use on fire reels. Excellent U.V resistance and stability for long life. High quality hose optomized for use on fire Hose reels or in general fire fighting applications. Each batch is tested to ensure compliance with Australian standard. With outstanding flexibility, this hose has a ribbed outer for high abrasion resistance. This hose comes with 25mm barbed brass tap adapter fitted on to the hose with a clamp. size of the tap is 18mm and 12mm. On the other side comes with high pressure red Adjustable Metal Fire Nozzle also fitted in to the hose with 25MM barbed tail and clamp, All you need to do is connect on to the tap.

Manufactured from high quality Australian manufactured Virgin Pvc compound to ensure high consistency of quality (no re grind material used) Complies with Australian Standard 1221 (Fire Hose Reels) Tested in accordance with Australian Standard 1180 (Methods of Test, Hose made from Elastomeric Materials)