GARDENA 13mm Brass Hose Connector

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The GARDENA13mm brass hose connector ensures a quick, easy and reliable hose connection to a 13mm hose. The secret behind GARDENA’s clever design is the Power Grip profile that guarantees leak-free watering when coupled with a GARDENA hose.

  • Made of the highest quality non-corrosive solid brass, not plated, it is reliable and long-lasting
  • The specially shaped prolonged sleeve nut on the hose connector helps prevent the hose from kinking
  • The Power Grip ring guarantees perfect connection to the hose and is integrated therefore cannot be lost
  • The notches have been specially designed for comfortable handling and at the same time, help with tightening and loosening
  • Reliable and long-lasting, rated to 1000 kPa
  • Suitable for standard size garden hose 1/2" (12 to 13mm i.d. hose)