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TAKAGI 20M Premium Drinking Water Hose Reel with Adjustable Pistol (FREE SHIPPING)

  • Product Code: HRTAK20M
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  • $155.00

Length: 20m + 2m extension

Available Lengths: 10m, 15m and 20m lengths are also available in our store

Product Specification: Inner hose diameter 7.5mm, Attached tap nipples (1/2 & 3/4) 

A compact nozzle is attached and best suited for small garden, terrace & balcony, A light hose reel with 20m + 2m provides 2 ways to connect the water faucet. The hose is soft and not easily bent. The entire hose and the compact nozzle can fit in the housing. Also Includes a hook for hanging

The Compact Hose Reel from TAKAGI is perfectly suitable for the watering on balcony, terrace, in small gardens or for outdoor activities. Very strong and still easy to handle for everyone. The special coating of the hose ensures that won't kink or twist and stays easy to rewind. You can store it anytime easily in the housing including the Compact Nozzle. There are two ways of connecting the hose reel to the faucet: The fixed watering position, where you connect the 2m supply hose directly to the faucet and the nozzle to the 20m part of the hose; and the mobile watering , where you connect the 2m supply hose to the nozzle, the 20m part to the faucet and carry the hose reel with your hand. The also included Compact Nozzle impresses with a continuously adjustable shower head, which is suitable for every kind of watering (4 different water streams). The holes in the shower head are conical shaped and have a diameter of only 0.3mm, which leads to a very soft and gentle watering.

Made in Japan

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