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Fire Nozzle Spray with 12mm Solid Brass Connector

  • Product Code: BFNC12H
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $34.50

High Pressure Fire Nozzle with 12mm / 1/2" Solid Brass Connector suitable for use with a 12mm / 1/2"  Hose

This is a high quality Fire nozzle which the handle is used as on and off function. The black dial in the middle controls the pressure of the water and the actual nozzle also can be adjusted by turning for different types of flow from jet to mist. This is an ideal Nozzle to have if you are a farmer or have a big property.

It come with 18mm brass snap on female connector and 18mm brass tool/sprinkler adapter that's on the Nozzle.


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